Ideal Protein Egg Recipes

Ideal Protein Egg Recipes

Eggs form a large part of the Ideal Protein diet. Given their high protein content and low fat/carb/sugars, they are ideal for breakfast, lunch, as well as cooking with all sorts of meals. There are many ways to incorporate eggs into the Ideal Protein Diet and many different Ideal Protein Egg Recipes.

Vegetarians also depend on eggs as a substitute for animal protein. That is, ovo-vegetarians who can eat eggs. The fun thing about these chicken products is that they have unlimited recipes and take only a few minutes to get ready.

Here, we shall take a look at a few wonderful egg recipes that are perfect for the Ideal Protein diet. Since there are many ways to cook an egg, these are just some of the most popular and delicious Ideal Protein egg recipes.

    I.        Baked Eggs on a Portobello Mushroom Cap

This is a wonderful meal with which to start your day at breakfast. You can also have them as a snack, or as a delicious party starter.


  • Eggs.
  • Portobello Mushroom caps.
  • Black pepper.
  • Fresh parsley or thyme.
  • Olive oil.


  1. Clean the portobello caps using a damp cloth.
  2. Remove the stem and scrape off the gills with a blunt knife edge to form a bowl-like well for the egg.
  3. Rub a little olive oil to the outer side of the mushroom caps. They will help it cook and prevent it from sticking to the pan.
  4. Arrange the prepared caps on a baking sheet.
  5. Crack each egg into a bowl and slide it carefully onto a cap.
  6. Sprinkle with finely-chopped thyme, parsley, or other herbs of your choice.
  7. Place the whole lot into a preheated 375F oven using the baking sheet. Bake for 20-30 minutes, more if your mushrooms are thicker or if you prefer well-cooked eggs.

This is a great recipe that is easy to prepare and adapt depending on the number of people you’re serving. Plus, they taste delicious!

Nutritional Information

Compared to a recommended daily intake (RDI) of 2000 calories, this one serving consisting of 2 eggs on one portobello cap provides 95 calories or about 5% of the RDI. Its nutritional profile is as follows.

  • Carbs 4g
  • Dietary Fiber–0g
  • Sugar– 0g
  • Fat 4 g/67g
    • Saturated 1g
    • Polyunsaturated 0g
    • Monounsaturated 1g
    • Trans– 0g
  • Protein 9g
  • Sodium 61 mg/2300mg
  • Potassium 48 mg
  • Cholesterol 197 mg/300g
  • Vitamin A 7 %
  • Vitamin C 0 %
  • Calcium 2 %
  • Iron 4 %

The fractions and percentages compare to the RDI based on a 2000 cal diet.

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2. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs, which got their name from the large amount of seasonings used in their preparation, are a great meal for breakfast, before a meal, or as a snack to be eaten hot or cold.


  • Hard-boiled eggs.
  • Walden Farms mayo.
  • Onions salt.
  • Mustard.
  • Paprika.


  1. Cut the hard-boiled eggs in half.
  2. Scoop out the egg yolks into a bowl.
  3. Mix the yolk with a little Walden Farms mayo, onion salt, and mustard.
  4. Mix thoroughly, using the back of a spoon to mash the mixture until it is well combined with the spices.
  5. Spoon the mixture back into the eggs.
  6. Garnish with paprika.

Because of their versatility and ease of preparation, deviled eggs are a favorite recipe in the Ideal Protein Diet. You can use a variety of toppings as you like. These can be chopped chives, red pepper powder, or scallions.

Nutritional Information

The nutritional profile of deviled eggs depends on the toppings you choose to add. However, this recipe, in general, has the following nutrients:

  • Calories: 140
  • Total fat:  12g
  • Saturated fat: 3g
  • Carbohydrate: 1g
  • Dietary Fiber: 0g
  • Protein: 6g
  • Cholesterol: 190mg
  • Sodium: 210mg

This information is in regard to one serving consisting of one egg.

3. Spinach and Egg Cups

This Omelette Mix is a fancy way of eating an Ideal Protein breakfast. It is healthy and packed with nutrients, and takes only about 15 minutes to get ready. With the spinach and mushrooms, it makes a great snack or even a full breakfast meal.


  • Ideal Protein Omelette Mix.
  • Spinach.
  • Sliced mushrooms.


  1. Mix the Omelette Mix with 7 ounces/200g of water in a bowl.
  2. Add mushrooms and finely sliced spinach leaves. If you are using the plain Omelette Mix, also add garlic powder, salt, and pepper.
  3. Spray a muffin tin with olive oil spray.
  4. Pour the mixture into as many of these cups as needed.
  5. Bake for 12 minutes in a 400F oven.

Given the simplicity of the recipe, you can even prepare the servings in advance and simply warm them up when ready. You can also substitute the Ideal Protein Omelette mix with about 6 eggs, add chopped tomatoes, and extend the baking time to about 20 minutes to make egg cups.

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Nutritional Information

This recipe provides 69 calories or about 3% of the RDI. Here is its nutritional profile.

  • Total Fat – 4.43g/7%
  • Saturated Fat – 1.845g/9%
  • Trans Fat – 0
  • Polyunsaturated Fat – 0.032g
  • Monounsaturated Fat – 0.533g
  • Cholesterol – 41mg/14%
  • Sodium – 76mg/3%
  • Total Carbohydrate – 2.12g/1%
  • Dietary Fiber – 0.2g/1%
  • Sugars – 1.51g
  • Protein – 5.13g
  • Vitamin D – 0
  • Calcium – 850mg/85%
  • Iron – 5.58mg/31%
  • Potassium – 76mg/2%
  • Vitamin A – 5650IU/113%
  • Vitamin C – 17.4mg/29%

Tips On Preparing Ideal Protein Egg Recipes

1.Think ahead

These recipes are very easy to prepare and make ideal snacks to give you a boost during the day. They also make great party starters when you’re hosting. Whatever it is, it is wise to prepare them early and chill them. When the time comes, all you need to do is warm them up and eat.

2. Use older eggs for recipes involving boiling

Older eggs are easier to peel because their whites tend to contract just a bit while cooking. Fresh eggs can be a real pain to peel, even when hard-boiled. You can also drop them in an ice bath straight from the water for easier peeling. No matter what phase you’re in along your weight loss journey, eggs recipes are one of the most favorite foods due to their ease of preparation. Do not be afraid to spice up your life with one of these amazing healthy meals.

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