ideal protein phase 2

Ideal Protein Phase 2

The Ideal Protein diet is founded on principles of a good diet and discipline. As times have changed and food has become more plentiful, our bodies have been slow to adapt.

Ideal Protein leads the way toward healthy eating and fast, efficient weight loss. The first of the four Phases of the diet is about burning fat until you achieve your weight goals.

It is similar to the weight loss phase, but you are now getting reintroduced to whole foods. Thus, instead of relying mostly on Ideal Protein foods, you can also eat more protein at both lunch and dinner, as well as some more vegetables.

Purpose of Ideal Protein Phase 2

Phase 2 aims at reducing your reliance on Ideal Protein meals to only 2 per day and replacing them with approved, healthy meals. In doing so, you will also be adding more calories to your meals.

Since by now you have already reached your weight loss goals, you will be gradually easing your body out of ketogenesis.

You do this by increasing the amount of lean protein you consume. Even though the purpose of protein is not to give you energy, the amino acids released in its digestion eventually provide about four calories for every gram of protein.

The advantage here is immediately apparent because you will now be able to get a slightly higher number of calories, build muscle, and reintroduce your palate to delicious protein recipes.

Simply put, it’s about stopping the weight loss stage. The extra protein supplies the needed energy to get you through the day. You will be feeling powerful and energized, thanks to protein’s increased metabolism rate. More about these benefits follow.

Benefits of Ideal Protein Phase 2

Some people prefer to think of Phase 2 as an extension of Phase 1, which is not far wrong. However, increased lean protein does several wonders for the body.

  1.  Higher metabolism. Protein takes more steps to break down into amino acids ‘building blocks’ and energy. In the process, the body’s metabolism increases by up to 35%, makes you feel more energized and refreshed.
  2. It helps you feel better. Protein helps the body to release ‘satiety’ hormones, which makes you feel fuller for longer. You will also be able to build more discipline this way and condition your body accordingly.
  3. It helps to build muscle tissue. After all that weight loss, your body needs time and material to readjust. The increased protein helps it to rebuild and give you that firm, toned figure.
  4. Maintaining and losing weight. Lean protein is a valuable tool in maintaining and losing weight, depending on how you take it. If you have a few pounds left to lose by the end of Phase 1, you can lose them in Phase 2. This high-protein diet also helps you to maintain your new weight.

Ideal Protein Phase 2 Foods

Unlike Phase 1 where you take three packets of Ideal Protein foods, you take only 2 in Phase 2. That means that you get to self-prepare two meals.

However, there are also restrictions regarding what you can eat in Phase two. The guide below will help you choose what to cook during this two-week-long phase.


Breakfast remains similar to Phase 1, only this time the IP meal is optional. The supplements remain the same.


Lunch is one of the meals that change in this phase. You are to eat one based on whole foods instead of an IP meal.

  • 8 ounces of fish, seafood, beef, poultry, pork, or veal.
  • 2 cups of selected vegetables.
  • Unlimited raw vegetables such as lettuce.
  • Use sea salt or Ideal Salt with the meal.


Just like lunch, dinner is also based on whole foods. The supplements remain similar.

  • Dinner must have 8 ounces of fish, seafood, beef, poultry, pork, or veal.
  • 2 cups of select vegetables, or an alternative of unlimited lettuce or other raw greens.
  • For supplements, take 1 Natura Multi-Vita and 2 Natura Cal-Mags.
  • You should also take sea salt or Ideal Salt with your food.


With every meal, you must take lots of water, and continue hydrating throughout the day. Other requirements that you must incorporate into every meal include the following.

Mandatory Additions

  • The added sea salt or Ideal Salt must amount to at least 6 tea spoons daily.
  • The total amount of water taken daily must be at least 64 ounces, 1.9 litres, or 8 glasses (each 8 ounces.)
  • Take 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil or grapeseed oil extract each day.

Just like in Phase 1, it is also highly recommended that you take antioxidants, omega-3, and enzymes with your other Ideal Protein Alternative supplements.

Apart from the added protein, this phase also allows a wider range of seasonings. These include all kinds of herbs, garlic, ginger, white and apple cider vinegar, tamari, soy sauce, hot sauce, hot mustard, and all MSG-free and carb-free spices.

For a complete list of the select foods allowed during Phase 2, you can also visit HealthLine.

Ideal Protein Phase 2 Cost

Phase 2 of the Ideal Protein diet doesn’t differ much in cost with Phase 1. You will still be using the same supplements, only that your third IP meal is now substituted with lean protein.

However, this phase is much shorter, so you might only spend about $100-$150. Again, it depends on what kinds of lean protein you choose to eat and whether or not you are following strict Ideal Protein or choosing to go the Ideal Protein Alternative route.


Phase 2 of the Ideal Protein diet is also quite restrictive. However, with the added range of seasoning and lean meat, you can now have more leeway in how you prepare your meals. Thankfully, now you can eat something more filling.

A bigger range of seasonings means you can prepare delicious, IP-approved meals. At last, you have reached your weight goals, your metabolism is at peak, and you feel like a million dollars. Congratulations!

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