Ideal Protein Phase 1

Ideal Protein Phase 1

The Ideal Protein diet has worked miracles for millions for the decades it has been in existence. It’s hard to lose weight when you have to punish your body and your taste buds. IP has made that goal possible for everyone.

Ideal Protein is all about tuning your body differently to achieve maximum weight loss.  Our bodies are programmed to store as much fat as possible in anticipation of starvation – a relic of our hunter/gatherer days.

Today, you’re more likely to die of unhealthy eating than starvation. That is why you also need to change how your body deals with food. The Ideal Protein Phase 1 kickstarts the process through controlled ketosis.

About Ideal Protein Phase 1

When the calorie intake does not meet your daily energy needs, the body turns to its internal reserves. Excess energy in the body is stored in terms of flat, which can then be broken down into units called ketones.

These compounds give the process of burning fat ketosis, and it is the principle behind weight loss in almost every diet out there. However, it is hard to get that process started and sustained until your weight loss goals are achieved.

Phase 1 of the Ideal Protein diet helps you get into a modified state of ketosis through highly controlled dieting. For one, you restrict your carbohydrate and fat intake.

Once your body starts to burn fat, you will begin to lose weight rapidly. It is common for ladies to lose about 3 pounds a week, and men up to 5 pounds a week.

This is amazing progress by any standards, which is why Phase 1 is also called the weight loss phase. It lasts for as long as is needed to achieve your weight loss goals.

Ideal Protein Phase 1 Directions

Ideal Protein requires that you take it on under the care of a qualified doctor, nutrition expert, or health coach. When you’re just starting, your overall health will be checked to determine the best approach.

However, even with expert help, there are some standard directions that you need to follow.

  • You will follow a structured diet plan detailing what you can and cannot eat. There are meals provided for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It allows you to keep track of the calories, fat, protein, and other nutrients you’re taking in.
  • Cut out most carbohydrates, including bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, etc. Do the same with fats, including fatty fruits such as avocados.
  • Take lots of supplements to add up the deficiency of vitamins experienced by the restricted.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Keep off strenuous exercise in the first three weeks.

This phase is designed to wean your body off carbs and get it into ketogenesis, a state where it breaks down fat to power the body. You will be keeping close track of your body fat percentage in weight.

You will be eating a lot of Ideal Protein meal replacements. These are ultra-processed foods, delicious, and high in all the nutrients that your body needs other than energy.

Ideal Protein Phase 1 Food List

Throughout Phase 1, you are expected to pace yourself and maintain strict discipline until you achieve 100% of your weight loss goals. You set these just before starting and share them with your therapist, so there is no chance of moving the goalposts.

The food list is curated by experts to ensure that you get everything you need from your food to remain healthy while consuming as little calories as possible. On a typical day, here is what you may eat.

1.    Breakfast

You can take sweetener with your breakfast in a limited quantity. Ideal Protein food provides the protein you need to start your day.

2.    Lunch

  • 1 Ideal Protein food packet.
  • 2 cups of selected vegetables, with an option to take unlimited raw vegetables such as lettuce.
  • Use sea salt or Ideal Protein salt with your food.
  • Make sure to continue drinking a lot of water.

3.    Dinner

  • 8 ounces of meat such as fish (except some oily fish like Salmon), seafood, beef, poultry, pork, or veal.
  • 2 cups of select vegetables, or unlimited raw vegetables such as lettuce.
  • For supplements, take 1 multivitamin (Natura Multi-Vita), 2 calcium-magnesium supplements (Natura Cal-Mag), and 2 omega-3 supplements.
  • Use sea salt with your food and drink lots of water.

4. Snack

It is also highly recommended to take probiotics and enzymes with your meals to maintain gut health. No frying or breading is permitted.

The complete list of approved foods is available HERE.

Goals and Benefits of IP Phase 1

This first Phase accomplishes your weight loss goals through a modified keto diet. In some people, this can take weeks. In others, it can be a year, all depending on how disciplined you are.

Some of the more specific benefits include:

  • There are numerous meal ideas and recipes online so that it is not as restrictive as you may think.
  • You get to work hand in hand with an expert to monitor your progress.
  • It acts fast if you are committed and disciplined.
  • Ideal Protein foods are delicious and filling, especially once you learn to get creative.

Ideal Protein Phase 1 Cost

Phase 1 constrains you to rely mostly on Ideal Food supplements to keep your carb intake in check. This makes the estimation of pricing more accurate. On average, here is what you can expect to spend on Phase 1 of the Ideal Protein diet.

  • A packet of 60 multivitamins costs $30.
  • Calcium-Magnesium supplements come in a packet of 120, which costs $24.
  • Omega 3 supplements are priced at $30.
  • A two-month supply of Potassium supplements at $13.

In total, you can expect to spend about $400 on this Phase alone, assuming that it lasts for 2-3 months only. You will also be spending some money on your therapist.

The Ideal Protein diet can be taxing, both financially and mentally. Phase 1 is even more so because you have to rely more on Ideal Protein food envelopes. These are a little more expensive.

Because there Ideal Protein can be so expensive, many have switched over to Ideal Protein Alternative options. The foods are generally around the same but are most cost effective. Examples of Ideal Protein Alternative savings are as follows:


As you begin your journey to your dream figure, remember that you have to go through with it till the end.  Phase 1 demands that you jump right into it with all you’ve got. There is no turning back, but the results are worth it!

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