What Happens if you cheat on ideal protein

What happens if you cheat on the Ideal Protein?

Ideal protein needs dieters to be 100 percent compliant. People ask if it is ok to cheat. This will depend on oneself. Firstly, you need to know the costs of cheating. It can be compared to cycling on a hill then you stop pedaling, you will roll backward. In essence, that is what happens if you cheat on Ideal protein.

 You will get lost on the ground hence it will take a lot of time to get back to the lost ground. Henceforth, cheating for one day will cost you not less than two days. If you are on weekly progress, you will have five days and lose two days.

Cheating affects pancreas

Pancreas function through making glucagon and hormones insulin that is essential for regulating blood glucose. It has exocrine cells called acinar cells which make enzymes for digesting carbohydrates and fat. High protein diets are the solution to weight loss.

Carbs are the source of energy. Without them, the pancreas makes more glucagon for releasing energy. Your pancreas has to work extra hard when you cheat. Losing weight is our aim. However, it is important to ensure our body’s organs are functioning properly.

Slow weight loss

Friends can make fun when you are not cheating on the Ideal Protein or Ideal Protein Alternative. But they will respect you after accomplishing your mission. Even cheating once will cost you. As an example, dieters may find themselves shedding pounds each week and decide to get off the track.

It will not be easy to recover since the rate will be slower than expected. Losing weight is like having a driving force. The coach will advise you that cheating will not lose weight. Also, it will take a few days before the body returns to the ketosis state. 

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At first, you could be trying to follow the ideal protein plan strictly but suddenly you become tempted. These temptations come from available meals in the kitchen or cravings. For instance, you can crave for pudding and drink more than one cup along with brownies and pie.

This type of behavior will continue and become an addiction. Your sugar craving will get out of control and you will struggle to get back on track. Do not try to take the first bite. Remember the reasons why you need an ideal protein diet and stick to the guidelines. Or you can search for Ideal Protein Alternative Plan.

Cheat meal tips for weight loss

According to the international journal of obesity, a cheat meal helps to improve metabolism, the ability to stay on your diet, and lose weight. Another study shows that dieters who had cheat day lighter compare to non-cheaters. This controversy has become skeptical and it is vital to discuss with your dietitian. Let us review to have a cheat meal and still lose weight.


Coming up with a strategy is an important part when cheating meal. You should plan when and the meal you are going to eat. Ideal Protein Cheat meal plan will help you know the food hence cut extra calories before the day. Also, you can pick favorite meals than wasting calories. However, I would recommend not cheating with food that is not on the ideal protein food list. You can pick your favorite meal on the list and cheat without going overboard.


Serious dieters should lower the cheat meal once a week. If you are compliant with a solid diet you would lose at least 1 pound each week. American journal found that restaurant meals can have 1,205 calories.

This is a clear view to see how cheating frequently or too much will undo your weight loss journey. You can choose a date and restaurant then record it in your diary. Make sure the restaurant has ideal protein meals.

Avoid bad cheat meals

A meal rich in high fat brings rapid storage of fat than a high-carb meal. This is because dietary fat is kept as body fat effectively compared to protein and carbs. The body burns carbohydrates into energy through a chemical process. Conversely, fat does not need energy to be converted. Also, fat cannot increase the levels of leptin. You should try to avoid menu with high-fat foods like pizza, pasta, and most deserts. Cheating will be at your risk.

Nutritional value

Choose a cheat meal that will offer nutritional benefits instead of empty calories. Take natural food live vegetables or fruits over-processed foods.  A whole load of a cheeseburger, beer, and fries need to be put away.

Maintain the track

We can be entitled to a cheat dish but not cheat week. This should not even happen on your birthday and other parties. Dieters should not have the mindset of ruining the whole plan after destroying it once. Get back to the track ASAP. It will help to move in the right direction. Keep those cravings away to prevent temptation. Just don’t allow yourself to stay on permanent setbacks.

Do not gorge

Ever seen a person eating too much pizza?  A cheat meal is not an opportunity to pig out. Set your limits and not spend the whole day eating junk food in the name of compensation. You can pick a small piece of pizza and not the whole pie. This can quench cravings without destroying the ideal protein plan.


Pick best cheat food

Studies say that some cheat meals are good than others. Moderate-protein and high-carb meal may assist to remain on track. Carbs influence levels of leptin that burn fat hence make a person feel satisfied. Proteins need more energy to digest than all macronutrients.

Stick to your order

You can be tempted by menus on the table. Research shows that people eat more when given many food options. Prepare mentally on food choices and stick while at the restaurant.


Psychologically, you can think it is fine to cheat when you cheat and still progress. It will be easier to cheat again because you did not see the consequences. Maybe you will do it for two days or more and there will be no progress. Cheating is a decision that nobody will make up for you. Think about the results. If you do so, you will be lying to yourself. Also, it will be dragging you behind before going to the next phase. It will not only consume time but also strain your pancreas to work extra hard.

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