How much does ideal protein food cost

How much does Ideal Protein food cost?

This is an obvious question that is frequently asked at the clinic. The cost of the diet should be included in grocery bills. When you redirect the costs of average food to other healthy options will always neutralize the expenses. Moreover, there are different consultation fees from one location to another. Therefore, it is best to visit as many places as you want and come up with a decision. So how much does Ideal Protein food cost?

The amazing part is that there is a various selection of snacks and meals to fill your taste. Also, they will assist you in weight loss. Here is the breakdown of the ideal protein diet costs.

Is the cost affordable

Most patients have insurance and clinics use them. your pocket expense will depend on your benefits, deductible, and co-pay plans. Ideal Protein food is not less expensive than a normal will help you to cut costs and assist you in your weight loss journey. furthermore, it will not include common foods and drinks. Clinics have a basic breakdown for consultation fees. You can review the best diet and settle on what will fit your pocket.

The ongoing cost of the ideal protein

Choose a clinic that does not have contracts. Your trainer will assist you to maintain weight after phase off. Most clinics do not charge for the session on coaching trainers will help you during maintenance. The main aim is to assist dieters to lose weight and keep it off forever.

Ideal protein food cost per phases

Phase one

This is the phase where the program will cost the most. also, you will lose more weight during the phase. Roughly, you will begin the protocol with a fee of $ will involves first consultation, analysis of complete measurements of the 30day body, all supplements,25 ideal protein food, sea salt/real shaker, blender bottle for ideal protein, reusable and environmentally friendly bag. lastly, the ongoing cost of food has a fixed cost of $130 each week.

You will remain in the phase until goals are achieved. However, some people may say the cost is high. The good thing is that you will not stay in phase 2,3,4 and dieters will not eat 3 ideal meals each day, in addition to that, supplements will be lowered.

One thing to consider. If you use the Ideal Protein Alternative plan, you will not have a consultation fee and the supplements will be much cheaper.

Ideal Protein Alternative Drink

Phase 2

Stabilization phase or phase 2 of ideal protein will cost 75each will last for 4 to 8 weeks basing on the weight you are supposed to lose, you will be told to take two self-prepared food and two ideal protein. Unlike the first phase, where you are supposed to take 3 ideal protein along with 1 self-prepared meal. The instructions are similar to the first phase.

Phase 3

Final phase three does not have a weekly cost. Dieters are advised to take ideal protein snacks to stay on track.

Cost of ideal protein supplements

Besides the ideal protein food, you need to know the price of ideal protein supplements. This includes calcium-magnesium, multivitamin, omega-3 plus, and potassium supplement. These important micronutrition substitutes will be put in the cost of your weekly program.

Cost of food Comparison of ideal protein alternative price and other foods and supplements

The price of the ideal protein alternative diet is reasonable especially through replacing current food. Be sure to get the correct type of meal to consume. Let us compare the ideal protein with our daily meals.

Ideal protein diet versus morning coffee

Most people at their homes begin breakfast with a morning latte, breakfast sandwich including bacon. Roughly, coffee costs $5 and the sandwich is $9. The total is the price of two ideal protein in the morning. You will spend at least $25 per week on an ideal protein meal. Your complete ideal breakfast will have a dairy or carb option as well as fruit. For instance, apple and whole-grain bread, eggs, and cheese. You will include 1 multivitamin and 1 or 2 enzymes.

Ideal protein food versus pizza

Who does not love pizza? Eating pizza has become a habit and you just have to get a pizza. Unfortunately, the ideal protein diet will cut pizza. When ordering pizza, you have to include 2 liters of soda, maybe a desert and the cheese sticks.

This will cost $45. Pizza, Thai curries, or Chinese food are ordered when you come home tired and you are not feeling to cook. Henceforth, you can get yourself ordering the meals frequently throughout the week. On the other hand, the ideal protein diet will cost $45 for a week. 

Ideal protein alternative food versus a happy hour

Weekends are waiting for you after working the entire. It may be difficult to drop happy hours from your schedule. Nevertheless, you are not allowed to consume beer, wines, or spirits when on an ideal protein diet. Replace the happy hour drinking with socializing with your friends after work. Also, check online to get the ideal smoothie to make while at home.

 Further, I recommend you to make sparkling water with wine.  If you are purchasing liquor, it costs $5 to $7 each. Others like wines are expensive and can cost $15. The probability of ordering one beer at the bar is 0. You will spend $30 if you visit bars once per week. With the ideal protein diet, you will eliminate the $ 30 spent on liquor. You can save the money and add on other needs.

For instance

Ideal protein Alternative meals

Breakfast- ideal protein alternative chocolate shake =$1.00 per serving

Lunch- 2 cups of veggies and cup of tomato soup= $4.99

Dinner- 8 oz of sirloin steak= $ 3.50 and cup of bell peppers for $. 82 and cup of a sparagus for $ 1.17= $ 5.49

Snack= 1 peanut butter bar =$ 1.75

General eating

Breakfast- eggs, bacon, cheese= 3.59

Iced coffee= $ 2.09

Total cost= $ 6.08

Lunch- turkey and sub combo= $ 7.25

Dinner- pasta= $ 10.90 and soup= $ 4.00

Coke= $ 1.00

Total= $ 17.01


Most people think that the ideal protein is not affordable. However, life is not all about weighing the expenses but the benefits. Do you still want to carry uncomfortable weight? Do you want to risk yourself from chronic diseases? These are the questions to contemplate.

The protocol will substitute a lot of food in your current diet. For this reason, you will be able to meet the costs. Dieters claim that ideal protein food has saved their money while they are on a diet.  

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