Can you drink alcohol on an ideal protein diet

Can you drink alcohol on an ideal protein diet?

Can you drink alcohol on an ideal protein diet? Alcohol is a harmful product for our health. We are all aware that liquor makes us fat while margaritas cause puffiness. Taking alcohol in several forms is dangerous and strictly not recommended for weight loss.

It is because the liver focuses on getting rid of alcohol as it puts other things standby. This includes making glucose required for the brain and other organs. Moreover, alcohol is rich in carbohydrates that affect the body. Carbs spikes sugar lowers the rate of weight loss, increases the risk of having heart diseases and diabetes. 

Alcohol on health

It has empty calories that do not have nutritional benefits. The liver is always working hard to process unhealthy drinks. It is forced to interfere with the weight loss program to deal with the intake of alcohol. It brings a significant threat to the proper function of the body during phases one and two. For this reason, your weight loss will be affected.

A small glass of your favorite wine will still create unwanted pounds after a certain period. On the flipside, beer is manufactured with lots of sugar that will make you crave for more.

One bottle will not quench thirst and intake of sugar will keep on increasing. Dieters are expected to develop a healthy attitude on nutrition to know the effects of alcohol. For instance, how it influences metabolic processes and makes a person gain weight. 

Effects of alcohol on ideal protein

Alcoholic drinks are not allowed during ideal protein phases. Drinking cocktail or wine occasionally will negatively affect the success of the program. The drink interferes with gluconeogenesis mechanisms. Also, it has calories that cannot be changed to energy. Calories change to triglycerides hence becomes liver and move to the liver and other organs. Embrace the rules as a temporary transition to succeed.

Ketotic Dieters rely 100% on gluconeogenesis to normalize enough glucose levels on blood. If alcohol is consumed under the circumstances, someone becomes confused and can lose consciousness. This is not only caused by the product but also low levels of sugar. To sum up, do not drink when on a low carbs diet. It is dangerous due to the rapid fall of sugar.

Alcohol is a dangerous beverage

Can you drink alcohol on an ideal protein diet? It may sound overwhelming when you can no longer go out with friends to drink in bars and movie theaters. Alcohol is dangerous to our health due to its useless sugars and carbs. Drinking is banned when on the first phase to the third phase of the ideal protein. Dieters who take alcohol have ended up in hospitals because of the rapid drop in sugar. Firstly, you will be given the first warning the get disqualified from the plan. You cannot be successful in phase 4 if you are not ready to give up alcohol in the first phase.

Ideal Protein Alternative Protein Drink

It slower weight loss

When alcohol enters the body, the liver must change it from toxin to non-toxin. Nonetheless, the liver will be busy changing fat to ketonic and amino acids to glucose. Therefore, a lot of time will be taken to remove the alcohol. This will lower the rate of losing weight.

What to drink while on the ideal protein diet


Water is helpful when it comes to losing weight. At least 35% of people who lose weight increase water intake. It increases the calories you are cutting from the body. Moreover, 0.5 liters of water per day will burn 23 calories. This will sum up to 2 pounds of fat or 17,000 calories.  Another study found that overweight people who take 34 to 50 oz. of water each day reduced body mass. The results can be more amazing if you take cold water. The human body use calories to warm water to normal temperature. Substitute water with alcoholic beverages to boost your weight loss.  

Cucumber water

This is a cheap, flavored, quick method of enjoying the water. It brings a delicious solution without bringing calories like sodas, juices, and alcohol. Prepare cucumber, slice, put the slices in a pitcher, put water in a pitcher, and refill the pitcher. Make cucumber water at home to stay dehydrated. Further, replacing it with beverages and sugary drinks will help to cut calories. Cucumber contains antioxidants that prevent chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, and degeneration.

Black tea

Black tea is more oxidized and strong in flavor, unlike other teas. This tea is a perfect replacement and comes with a pack of benefits. It boasts a healthy heart, lower sugar levels, lowers stroke, improves gut health, lowers cholesterol, and lowers the risk of cancer.

Club soda with lime

Club soda is a great non-alcoholic drink. It is easy to make, cheap to buy, and free from calories. You will require club soda, lime juice, sea salt, ice, and gin. Most non-alcoholics take the drink. If you are walking to a party, you can make your cocktail and drink at the party. Also, after eating your lunch, you can refresh yourself during the hot day.

Flavored tea

Flavored tea is popular across the world. They come in various qualities and types including masala chai, jasmine green, and earl grey. This tea has natural and fresh ingredients. Alcoholics can switch to tea. Flavored tea help to lose weight, protect bones, boost the immune system, prevent cancer, contain antioxidants, improves digestive system, reduce risk of getting a stroke, and heart attack.  

Mangosteen ideal protein water

You can buy a mangosteen enhancer to change water into a flavored drink.  Mangosteen contains citric acid, malic acid, sodium citrate, silicon dioxide, natural flavor, potassium phosphate, and sucralose. It helps reduce weight. Moreover, you will be able to drink more water because it is fresh and flavored.


Can you drink alcohol on an ideal protein diet? Drinking is a social and enjoyable activity during a happy hour. While on ideal, you should learn what to drink and what you should not drink. You have to cut all kinds of alcohol and substitute with water or lime.

Less fat will be burned slowly when you consume alcohol drinks. Liquor lowers the rate of losing weight since it is used a fuel. It reduces the ability to burn fat by 73%. Henceforth, serious dieters who are on the weight loss portal should be committed. You should follow the instructions given by the dietician. Your health matters and cheating on the program will be your own mistakes.

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