How much weight can you lose on ideal protein?

How much weight can you lose on ideal protein?

It feels good to shed off pounds while on ideal protein protocol. Insulin secretion is the gaining of weight. This has become an obvious issue in continents like in North America because of the highly refined carbs. It leads to an increase in insulin, hypoglycemia, and cravings for taking more carbs and fat. So the question really becomes, How much weight can you lose on ideal protein?

High and low blood sugar cycles keep on repeating throughout the day hence brings metabolic syndrome.  The medical problem includes cholesterol, high blood pressure, heavyweight, and resistance to insulin. Let us see a breakdown of how weight loss works.

Initial protocol

The program begins with weighing and measuring the body composition with a machine. It tells the percentage of body fat, the weight of lean body and level of hydration. This analyzer is used every week to know the weight loss. Also, it indicates that the dieter is losing fat while preserving muscle. With ideal protein, you will be sure of protecting the muscles.

Weight lost

The experience is not the same for everyone. Therefore, dieters and professional trainers come together to make a timeline. Weight loss goals should be attainable and realistic. Roughly, you can have expectations of losing 3 to 7 pounds fat each week of Ideal Protein Phase 1.

This is according to validated science on losing weight. However, the result may become nonexistence if you do not follow the protocol. The timeline will be short after learning how to achieve success beyond the last phase.

Phase off

This happens after reaching the weight loss objective. This is Ideal Protein Phase 4 or the Ideal Protein Maintenance Phase. You will start to make decisions on what to eat. You should always be extra careful to prevent gaining weight.  Henceforth, dieters are instructed to learn about balancing meals and consuming normal food. Clients are supposed to continue checking their weight and keep it off from coming again.  

How ideal protein diet lose weight   

The human body gets energy from protein, fats, and carbohydrates. The body uses complex and simple carbs first then go-to protein, as well as fats, kept for energy. It burns fat while it is in a ketogenic state.

Stored fat is changed to fat fuel through ketosis. This gives the body energy to burn down calories. Moreover, the pancreas is made to work correctly thus cravings for things like sweets will disappear.

How fast can you lose weight?

The rate of losing weight will depend on many factors. This includes:


People believe that men have a greater advantage of losing weight than women. Male has enough muscle tissue that burns more calories unlike body fat even while resting. For instance, if women and men cut a similar amount of calories, men lose more amount for the short term. One research was carried out to compare the weight loss journey. Findings were men lost twice weight for two months than women. They also lost three times body fat.

If you are a man and you are on a weight loss journey, you should be happy with the testosterone. Women have 6-11% body fat. You should know that fat is not unhealthy. Therefore, fat does not mean that they are fat. It is healthy for a woman to have more fat than men. Females will lose 1 to 3 pounds each week while men are from 2 to 5.  

Ideal Protein Alternative Fat Burner

Body composition

The composition of the body measures the fat percentage in your body. Testing the body’s composition is a perfect method to monitor the health and reach your fitness objective. It does not mean you have a low percentage of fat when you are thin. The main thing is to have a healthy amount of fat to that of muscle. The ideal protein diet will help you to lose weight and get a healthy body composition. Besides that, healthy body composition will increase energy, decrease stress, improve cognitive functioning, and improve daily activities.

The weight you have to lose

You will be provided with a guide on how much weight you should lose. This will depend on your initial weight, sex, and age. A heavier person will lose double weight than a person with less weight.

Medications and medical conditions

Medicine like antipsychotics and antidepressants can hinder the loss of weight. Medical conditions like hypothyroidism and depression are some of the conditions that slower loss of weight.


Body composition is a common body change that occurs and it is altered by aging. This is where fat mass increases as muscle mass depreciate. The change contributes to decreasing RMR. Adults at the age of 70 have 20 % to 25% RMR that is lower compared to young adults. A decrease of RMR causes difficulty in losing weight with age.


Sleep is a significant factor that should be looked at. Experiencing chronic sleep loss will affect the rate of shedding weight. For example, having sleep deprivation increases the cravings for high-calorie foods like cakes, cookies, fries, and sugary beverages.  One study shows that people who sleep for 5 hours lose 55% less fat than those who sleep for 8 hours. While on the ideal diet, you can have enough sleep to fasten the loss of weight. If you need additional help sleeping, you can try an Ideal Protein Alternative Supplement.

How long will I be on the diet to lose weight?

Dieters are on phase for as long as they want to reach their objectives. A person who has a lot of pounds to shed will not take the same time with a person who has few pounds to cut. For example, you will be on an ideal protein protocol for fewer months if you want to shed less than 20 pounds.

You will have an additional phase of maintenance. On the other hand, if you are supposed to lose more than 100 pounds. You will stay on the diet for several months or a year. This should not scare you out because many dieters have done it successfully. Above and over, dieters who enroll in the protocol to lower the amount of medication achieve results.


The program puts your body in a ketosis state or burning self-fat. Ketones are anti-inflammatory, suppress appetite, and elevate mood. Besides that, diseases like blood pressure are caused by obesity. The program has helped several dieters to have normal blood pressure.

Other patients consume Lipitor due to high cholesterol. Ideal protein can normalize levels of cholesterol and put them down. Also, patients with obesity are at risk of getting diabetes or elevated blood sugar. Lastly, after losing weight, you will change mental stress. You will commit to taking care and strength to change things.

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