Is Ideal Protein Gluten Free

Is ideal protein gluten free?

Gluten is a type of protein available in wheat and other related grains. It results in several symptoms to individuals who are sensitive to gluten. The medical community has been creating awareness of disorders related to gluten. Studies show that the ingestion of gluten foods may affect a great range of the population. So the question is, is Ideal Protein gluten free?

Ideal protein has an initiative of helping dieters who are sensitive to gluten. It has made a variety of alternative for dieters who are on weight loss protocol. Moreover, there is a gluten-free approach that is available when on an ideal protein diet. 

How to know if an ideal protein product is gluten free

Different people are sensitive to various things. There are many alternatives for dieters who are an ideal protein. When searching for an Ideal Protein gluten free product, look for the stamp of approval – ‘Certified Gluten-Free’.More than 50 packages are printed with easy to read symbol of “certified gluten-free”.

These products are certified free from gluten. Further, they are made in the celiac-certified facility as well as certified equipment that does not have gluten grains. Therefore, gluten-sensitive dieters can eat ideal protein food without complications.

Dealing with celiac disease

It is important to stay gluten-free if you are suffering from celiac disease. However, it may be challenging to deal with gluten-free meals. This can be second nature with a little effort. There is no reason to delay the start of your diet. Talk to your ideal protein expert about your disease.

You will be provided with gluten-free meals. Besides, after finishing your phase, you can begin cooking your food to be sure it does not have gluten. Also, the diet will be simple. Purchase foods at restaurants and stores which cater to your needs.

Eating out

It may be difficult to tolerate eating at restaurants when you are sensitive to gluten. Celiac diseases need you to be extra cautious.  This does mean that you will not be dining out. You should communicate your issues to the chef. Stick to the same meals you consume at home.

Avoid foods like sauces, fried and anything fried using gluten food. Some restaurants like bakeries, salad bars, buffets, and fast-food restaurants are not aware of a gluten-free diet. On the contrary, vegetarian restaurants can cater to those sensitive to gluten.

Here are gluten free ideal protein meals

Raspberry mousse

Raspberry mousse is a smooth, creamy, and refreshing dessert. You can enjoy the sweet treat while dieting. Get a food processor and make the desert in a few minutes.

Honey Dijon dressing

In addition to being free from gluten, the sweet honey adds flavor and boosts confidence. You can add the flavor along with salads into your meals.

Beef stroganoff

This comfort food will make dieters think that they are cheating on the ideal protein diet. The Russian class meal is a combination of mushrooms, beef strips, and creamy sauce.

Banana pudding mix

It brings a flavor-rich in banana.

Apple flavored oatmeal

Dieters can now enjoy a blend of cinnamon flavors and apple. Prepare for fewer minutes and start your bright day.

Cappuccino drink mix

Cappuccino is a savor aroma that can be served while cold or hot.

Chicken soup mix   

This perfect soup is creamy and soothing.

Chicken breast and dijonnaise sauce  

If you are a dieter and you are looking for a convenient gluten-free meal, chicken breast and dijoinnaise sauce are perfect. It is recommended for all phases. Besides that, it does not need refrigeration or cooking. You can use 2 cups of vegetables to get a compliant combination of ideal protein dinner.

Broccoli with cheese soup mix

The flavored soup is a combination of cheddar cheese and broccoli.

Blueberry with cran-Granata 

The tasty mix is a blend of cranberries, blueberries, and pomegranate. They have antioxidants properties that prevent the risk of chronic diseases.

Cheddar cheese with bacon omelet

You can replicate your meals with a delicious combination of cheddar cheese and bacon.

Ideal Protein Alternative Protein Drink

Foods with gluten

Spices and Seasonings

Generally, herbs and spices have no gluten. Nevertheless, some blends of spices are mixed with ingredients containing gluten such as wheat protein, crumbs, flour, and wheat starch. Be sure your seasoning does not have gluten when you are sensitive.


The rule is well known that wheat items are not free from gluten. Alternatives for gluten-containing bread are sweet potatoes, leafy greens, lettuce, rye bread, sprouted bread, corn tortillas, and gluten-free multispeed bread. The replacements are completely free from gluten and have low carbohydrates. 


Pasta is a form of wheat that has gluten. Best gluten-free pasta are barilla gluten-free spaghetti, jovial organic brown rice pasta, le veneziane fettucce, Garofalo gluten-free spaghetti, and Mrs. Leeper’s organic corn elbows.

Some salad dressings

Many salad dressings have gluten. Check the ingredient list which contains gluten and are available dressing.


Barley has 5% to 8% gluten thus should not be taken by dieters with celiac diseases or non-celiac sensitivity.


Wheat varieties including Kamut, spelled, durum, and faro contain gluten. The content ranges from 70% to 75%.


Oat themselves have no gluten but they can be contaminated after processed in facilities that make gluten-containing grains.

Tips for ideal protein celiac dieters and people sensitive to gluten

  • Buy gluten-free books for cooking getting new recipe ideas.
  • Know different names of wheat
  • Read labels on food effectively to know products that have gluten.
  • If you want to go out, you can call the desired restaurant to counter check if they have a gluten-free menu.
  • Always remember to check your care products, supplements, medications, and others like toothpaste, shampoo, make-up. Some products may contain gluten.
  • Double-check some products that have hidden gluten, for instance, malts, starches, natural flavors, texturized vegetable protein and hydrolyzed vegetable protein.
  • Clean your pantry                                                                                       
  • Check out for the certification label of gluten-free
  • Keep records of foods you are ingesting as well as their effects while you are on a gluten-free diet.
  • Listen to your body because you will receive signs of how different foods affect you.


Is Ideal Protein Gluten Free? Gluten is found in many processed foods such as starches, malts, texturized vegetable protein, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein. However, those who are sensitive to gluten can tolerate gastrointestinal symptoms. This is because it is less severe compared to celiac disease.

The disease is genetic and affects small intestines hence interferes with the absorption of food nutrients. In addition to that, the ideal protein has the aim of making clean, flavorful, and potent protein-based products. The food available on the market is tasty thus you will not notice gluten.

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