The topic of what we eat is often complex. But, it’s so important that many people invest a lot of time watching what they consume on a daily basis. This shows that food is a key part of survival because the type of diet you choose to follow can either improve your health or invite diet-related illnesses. This is how fat loss works.

I’m sure you have heard of some of the conditions that come as a result of the choices people make as far as food is concerned. There are those who struggle with being underweight and those that have battled obesity. Therefore, it’s important for everyone to embrace healthy living for amazing long term health benefits.

Why living healthy is important.

First, we all need to be aware of the fact that we have our own unique set of characteristics, which means that what we ate affects everyone differently. Your BMI or Body Mass Index determines what your ideal weight should be depending on your height. The BMI system isn’t always a perfect indication when it comes to defining obese weight, underweight and healthy weight, but it should give individuals a rough estimation.

Still, the basic fact is that consuming unhealthy, high cholesterol foods, sugary drinks and other unhealthy choices constantly, leads to obesity and the health risks that come with it. Obesity is a huge problem that the world is facing today, and this health menace is starting to affect children as well. People are starting to develop diabetes, heart diseases, and so my other problems at a young age. We definitely need to start taking diet choices seriously, and parents have to be keen on what they allow their children to eat, for the sake of their health.

How does weight gain come about?

Unhealthy calories

The main cause of gaining weight is consuming an excess amount of calories. The result will be taking in more calories than you give out, which leads to more stored fat in the body.

Poor lifestyle

Along with poor dieting, there are lifestyle habits that contribute to excess weight gain. An inactive lifestyle where you are constantly sitting, poor sleeping baits where you not getting enough rest or even irregular meal times can contribute to this.

Underlying conditions

The other common cause is underlying health conditions like PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), thyroid conditions and many other conditions, which make it easier to gain and harder to lose weight.

How weight gain works

Essentially, there is a science behind how weight gain works. Everyone naturally has fat cells, so it’s not possible to completely eliminate them. The fat cells, also called adipose tissue to enlarge when you have and an excess amount of absorbed fat molecules.

 On the outside, you might realize that you’re experiencing symptoms like fatigue and joint pains more often, which are the early signs that urgent change is needed. The best way to handle this is to spot the early signs. This will save you from reaching that point where you’re already developing serious, irreversible health conditions as a result.

How do you lose weight?

The need to slow down the rapidly growing cases of obesity has been out at the forefront. These are very important efforts in protecting people’s lives. This is literally about life and death because there have been so many instances where people have lost their lives as a result of weight-related conditions. There still needs to be more education on the importance of eating healthy. There are the most efficient ways to kick start the fat burning process and bring you back to a healthy weight. The two main areas that are recommended for losing weight are:

 Eating the right foods.

When it comes to diet, you can start analyzing what you’re choosing to eat as well as the portions you’re consuming. There are those types of foods that trigger your fat cells to store more in their reservoir, meanwhile providing you with little nutritional value. Those include greasy processed foods, sweetened snacks and drinks, just to name a few. Those supply your body with way more calories than you actually need.

Aside from the types of foods, you’re eating, and you also need to check your portions. Huge portions will also result in an excess amount of calories which is basically as a result of overeating. So even when you’re eating healthy, you still need to choose your portions wisely to avoid a diet backfire.

Living an active lifestyle

Living an active lifestyle has always been important for many reasons, especially when you’re trying to lose more fat. This includes making small changes, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator all the way to including healthy habits like having a workout routine.

Other factors

There are also other factors that affect energy output like your Basal Metabolic Rate that vary from person to person. The  idea here is to create a calorie deficit. That means the energy output should more than the calorie input. This is how you can create an ideal balance where the fat cells are able to give out more energy and shrink instead of growing.

Choosing a good diet

There are so many fad diets that have come and gone over the years. But one that is actually backed up by science is a protein-rich diet. The reason why this  diet works well is your body burns more energy to break protein down, which encourages fat loss. Protein metabolism increases the Thermic Effect of Food which then creates an increased rate of calorie output. And if you focus on embracing proteins in your diet, you’ll find yourself feeling more satisfied after a meal, thus quelling any urges to sneak in more calories during the day.

You have to remember certain factors, including how much protein you’re already consuming, your daily calorie requirements, age and daily activity will affect how your body reacts to this diet. Keeping these things in mind will ensure you’re within your protein intake limits. It’s also important to balance your intake with other healthy foods to supply your body with other necessary nutrients.


 A healthy protein diet is one of the most effective, natural ways of burning fat and losing weight. In my option, it’s better to approach weight loss with safer, natural methods as compared to quick surgical procedures that often come with serious health risks.

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