Ideal Protein Food journal

Ideal Protein Food journal

Research shows that ideal protein dieters who keep records perform better than those who do not. This is because it makes one accountable for what they take.  In fact, they will perform as twice as better. Let us look at some of the importance of keeping an ideal protein food journal.

The importance of keeping a food journal

Accountability is one of the most important aspects when it comes to getting successful in the ideal protein program. Keeping records of what you take can have a significant impact on your weight loss.

1. Helps in making better choices

A journal helps in making better choices since it shows everything that you have been drinking or eating up to the last morsel. Make sure to include even a beer sip, small bites of your kid’s snacks, or the samples at the supermarket. Also, don’t forget to include your daily vitamins or supplements for a good measurement.

Including measurements such as pepper and sea salt makes you a good record keeper.

By tracking down everything that you have been taking, tracking the missing elements in your diet becomes easy. Also, it motivates you to keep eating healthy hence you end up reaching your targets.

2. Mindful eating

Sometimes you need to create time for yourself in order to create healthy eating patterns. Avoid distractions such as the children or the TV and make your meals eventful. Make sure to plan for proper meals rather than grab and go. However, you can replace the protocol meal with an ideal protein meal bar if you can’t find enough time. It is also a good practice to add statements such as “perfect portion, feel bloated, or still hungry” to describe your dinner.

3. Identifying triggers

It is very important to record down the environment particulars or how you feel during or after the meal. Is it hurried, slow, relaxed, hectic, or loud? If you feel hungry, sad, or ever anxious, pen it down in your journal.  Emotions can cause stress eating, which in turn can sabotage your ideal protein program success. Writing everything down, including your emotions, leads to transparency, which is vital at this point. An Ideal protein food journal can help you identify triggers and also how to prevent them from messing with your program.

4. Reviewing and planning

Your ideal protein food journal is like a business plan. It can be the archive to get important data when it comes to making important decisions in the future.

Make sure to review the food journal as often as you can so that you can unleash great strategies.

An IP food journal also helps in uncovering the weakness and strengths by accounting for the day to day challenges, triumphs, and meals. In the future, you can use the journal to make new plans and also to review what has worked for you.

Another great thing that you can do to make your record keeping better is adding visual presentations. For example, you can add monthly photos of your progress and use them as your motivation.

5. Choose a simple method

Keeping your ideal protein journal doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. You can use your phone to take and store your pictures. If writing on paper is a convenient method for you, then go for it. iPhone or Android apps are great because you can pull them out anywhere to record your meals.

It is important to choose a method that works for you and one that is hassle-free to prevent you from giving up. If you decide to write down, then you should be consistent with the entries.

In the future, the ideal protein food journal will become an important tool and serve as an illustration of your success journey. As you continue recording, you will realize that the journal influences you to eat healthy IP food daily. Always keep in mind that the more you journal, the more hit targets of losing weight.

6. Discipline

Discipline is one of the most important traits that you need to have for you to succeed. When you become consistent and journal every bite or drink, you encourage your future self to make disciplined choices.

Also, the ideal protein food journal is a good sign that you are very serious as far as losing weight is concerned.

Apps that you can use


When it comes to details, the ideal smart app is the best option because it contains advanced features. It comes with a built-in ideal protein food journal as well as other tips to help you stay in check.

Using this app is an advantage because you can always pull it whenever you are to review or record anything. Let us look at some more features of the ideal smart app.

  • You can view your progress
  • Ideal smart band sync
  • Ideal smart scale sync
  • Message your coach
  • Schedule consultations
  • Access to user guides and support
  • Watch cooking, fitness, and ICTV videos

Excel/Google sheets

Both excel and google sheets are great tools for creating a custom ideal protein food journal. They allow you to create custom fields as well as inserting images for future references. The basic word/google document can be used in this scenario, too, by creating tables.

The best thing about using these apps is that you can save your progress automatically to the cloud. Hence you will never lose your ideal protein food journals. Besides, you can access them from any other device as long as you save them to the cloud.

Final thoughts

An ideal protein food journal is a very important tool for your success. It comes with many benefits such as helping you to make better decisions, mindful eating, discipline, reviewing and planning, and also identifying triggers. Making an ideal protein food journal is very easy nowadays because of the apps such as ideal smart, google docs, and excel sheets. You can create journals and also insert images for your future reference. The ideal smart app is developed specifically for this purpose; hence it is the best choice. But, if you find apps inconvenient for you, please choose another method that you can enjoy.

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