Whey Protein for Women’s Weight Loss

It is no mystery that perhaps the whey protein owns the title whenever it falls to muscle building. You would not realize that whey provides other advantages that make this an outstanding complement to your weight loss meal plan or your Ideal Protein Diet. It is one of the most abundant sources of protein and includes an incredibly rich range of protein building blocks. So why chose whey protein for women’s weight loss?

Normal gym-goers are likely to capture muscular men throwing back a protein drink right after the exercise, and it’s real that several fitness models use whey protein to help build mass. Do not be misled; whey protein can be a valuable weight-loss aid for women.

It is produced using during the process of making cheese. They whey is the a mixture of proteins derived from the liquid that is separated from cheese. This high protein milk contains two main type if protein, casein and whey. Casein protein makes about around 80% of the liquid while whey is the other 20%.

After the whey and casein have been separated, it is then processed to make a powder, and the subsequent whey protein is known to be a total protein containing all nine necessary amino acids with reduced lactose content. If used as a substitute, whey protein can help boost muscle growth and facilitate lean tissue mass development. There is proof that consuming whey protein will help women maintain muscle strength and cut down fat when losing weight.

What to Consider When Buying Whey Protein for Women’s Weight Loss

Before buying your whey, you are supposed to pay attention to several things and among them includes:

 1. The source of the protein

Most manufacturers indicate that the whey protein source is either whey protein concentrate on whey protein isolate. Still, only a few of them will talk of protein hydrolysate and the source of the protein. Make sure you know the difference between them before you purchase. It wise to recognize that whey protein isolate has 90% protein content compared to whey protein concentrates.  It is the purest form of protein with a higher concentration of BCAA. Whey protein is the best for the buck and is the best for anyone who is not lactose intolerant.

2. Protein content in a single scoop

Protein powder should not contain any sugars, cheap fillers, and other things. For every scoop, you should get 80% protein. If your scoop is 40 grams, it means there should be 22 grams of protein in each round. Otherwise, avoid it unless the other 18 grams is composed of good stuff. Ensure you read the instruction and label keenly to determine whether it has the right content or not.

3. Check the sugar content

As stated earlier, ensure it sugar-free. Read the label while checking for terms like corn syrup solids, malt dextrin, and cane sugar. If you happen to trace of the mentioned stuff, consider not to buy. It’s would the last thing to think of, especially if you’re on a diet.

4. Check for the presence of digestive enzymes.

It should contain digestive enzymes with whey protein; without digestive enzymes, you can be uncomfortable following bloating and poor indigestion.

5. Check beyond protein

Your body needs whey protein composed of essential vitamins and minerals to achieve your fitness goal. At tiger fitness, you can get the best whey protein powder to help you meet your goals.

How to consume whey protein for weight loss

According to a physicist, you should consume the whey protein after taking small portions of simple carbohydrates before working out and a protein-rich snack after working out. Taking carbohydrates before you work out help in catalyzing fat in the body.

You are encouraged to eat a protein-rich meal after exercise to help in building muscles. Add whey protein to water, yogurt, or Milk, depending on what you prefer.

Additionally, you can take a scoop of whey protein as a snack to facilitate satiety and help you in losing weight. For an average woman, the daily intake required for protein in a day should range between 0.75 gm to 1gm per kg of the body weight.

If you doubt whether whey protein will help you lose weight, it is now crystal clear that the powder works magic. But remember, it will be of no help to consume the whey protein and fail to hit the gym. Results will only be forthcoming if you engage in the two activities.

Best Whey Protein products for women weight loss

1. MTS Whey Protein

2. MTS Isolate

2. Planta Plant Protein

Benefits of the whey protein powder

1. Increased protein consumption and workout recovery

Whey protein can help you abundantly increase protein intake without adding a lot of carbohydrates or fats to your diet. It contains all the amino acids since it comes from a plant source. The amino acid found in whey powder helps your body build muscles and keep your skin, connective tissues, and organs healthy while maintaining hormone levels or brain functioning.

2. Effect on cholesterol and triglycerides

Whey protein powder may also offer cardiovascular benefits in reducing postprandial lipemia and increasing blood lipid levels after a meal that puts you at risk of cardiovascular disease. Whey protein, coupled with strength training, provides more benefits than just strength training alone. Overweight women, who have trained hard and then subjected their bodies to whey protein, have shown a significant weight loss.

3. Effect of inflammation

Besides the powder acting and the protein supplement in your body, it also acts as the ant inflammation compound. Excess inflammation in your body is harmful and risky, contributing to a wide range of health-related problems, including autoimmune diseases and respiratory illnesses. When you combine the whey protein with work out, you reduce your body’s inflammation levels in a patient with chronic lung diseases.


It is always the dream of every woman to maintain the shape and figure of their dream. But that has not been easy, especially for those who opt to do it the long way. Hitting the gym alone can as well work but, do you have the patience and time?  

Whey protein has worked magic, and many can attest to this claim. But do you know the legit dealer and manufacturer of the whey protein? Always reach out to tigerfittness, your only option when you want the shortest but sure route to the slim body you always dream of.

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