How to Start Ideal Protein Alternative Diet

How to Start Ideal Protein Alternative Diet

There are many different ways to lose weight. The Ideal Protein Alternative diet is one of them. The main aim is to create a safer and easier weight loss protocol for any would-be dieters at affordable costs. The IPA diet can show any dieter dramatic weight loss results if they can stick to the plan. Soon they will learn how to start Ideal Protein Alternative Diet.

The IPA diet works by reducing carbs and fats while increasing a dieter’s protein intake. It protects vital organs by ensuring they work to their full potential. It is a safer method (no genetically modified organisms, no Trans fats, no monosodium, and less saturated fats), just like the official IP Weight Loss Method. So, any dieter can feel comfortable when they choose the IPA diet to begin their wellness journey.

Differentiating the Ideal Protein Alternative Diet from the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

The Ideal Protein Alternative Diet is a weight loss protocol that has four different phases of weight loss. These are;

It is not so different from the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. Both of them are effective protocols that depend on the four phases of implementation. The only difference between them is that the dieters are permitted up to three additional food items per day on the Alternative Plan. These food items are from the three different food groups: carbohydrates, fats, and fruits.

The Alternative Plan helps in reducing cravings a dieter may have. It makes it easier for the dieter to stay faithful to the plan and still lose weight. It is safe to say that this plan is preferred by people who find it hard to forego their daily meal plans. Keep in mind that the rate of weight loss will be much slower than when you are in the IP Weight Loss Plan. Furthermore, it is also safe for people with Type 1 diabetes.

How to get started with the Ideal Protein Alternative Diet

First of all, it is advised for any person to do research when they plan to start dieting. From here, you can be able to tell whether the plan will be manageable for you. The Alternative Plan is no different. Instead of going into an authorized center or clinic and buying your food as a dieter would on the official IP Weight Loss Plan, you have to find the correct meal combinations on your own and buy them. At times, you will have to go to different places to get the complete recommended packages.

The Alternative Plan requires more personal drive and discipline. A dieter tends to experience many temptations by cheating when they are not under the watchful eye of a health coach. Here are some suggestions on how to get started and food items that are recommended.

Follow the IP Protocol sheet.

To get started on IPA, a dieter must strictly and religiously follow the Ideal Protein official diet plan. By printing out the protocol sheet, you will highlight the food items that are easy and less costly for you to shop for.

Develop and use a cheat sheet for foods that meet the IP Protocol plan

It is good to make a summary of all the food combinations that meet the protocol. The IPA compatible food items must be healthy and within the recommended servings of the official IP Plan. To achieve this, a dieter can buy the affordable and recommended items in a given phase and add an extra serving of either carbs, fats, or proteins.

Start branching out to different foods slowly.

There is no shame in starting to branch out slowly rather than having everything all at once. You can decide to start on the food items that are easy to get or afford before slowly advancing to all the food items in the protocol sheet. While doing this, it is good to take the recommended daily servings of carbs, proteins, and fats. Keep in mind that, while doing this, you are doing meal replacements and not cheating by having food items that are restricted.

Guidelines to find IPA products

Here are some guidelines that may help find the correct IPA food item combinations to keep yourself in check.

  • Protein – At least 12g-15g of protein.
  • Carbs – unrestricted (less than 9g net carbs), restricted (9g-16g), very restricted (over 16g net carbs)
  • Calories – Unrestricted (about 70-160 calories), restricted (160-200 calories daily once allowed), very restricted (over 200 calories).
  • Fats – Less than 30% calories.

Example of Ideal Protein Alternative Diet sample menu

Breakfast: Coffee, protein shake, or IP flavored oatmeal

Morning snack: Celery sticks

Lunch: Creamy chicken noodle soup, select vegetables (2 cups) or broccoli and cheese soup

Late afternoon snack: cucumber slices

Dinner: Baked chicken (8 0z), broccoli (2 cups) roasted in olive oil

Bedtime snack: Ideal Protein Protein bar

Note that:

  • The above menu is flexible as you can switch out with different flavors of protein shake. You can also get various lunch packets from ProtiDiet products, various afternoon snacks of unlimited raw vegetables, and dinner proteins.
  • You can replace any packet with eggs (1 whole egg + 3 egg whites).  Also, you can replace dinner protein with six eggs (2-4 whole eggs and the rest to be egg whites). Some of the varieties include scrambled eggs, egg salad, hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs, or a vegetable omelet.
  • A dieter can incorporate different seasonings and toppings in the food. These include herbs like garlic, ginger, vinegar, soy sauce, hot sauce, spices, and mint.
  • Fruits like bananas, apples, tangerine, watermelon, grapes, peaches, papaya, grapefruit, oranges, apricots, and kiwifruit are also allowed.

Foods to avoid

By now, you know for you to get that desired weight, you have to kiss carbs goodbye outside of those you will get in purchased products. Food items like bread, cereals, pasta, and other grains are restricted. All fruits and high-starch vegetables like potatoes, carrots, sweet peas, corn, and dairy products are also restricted.

Furthermore, alcohols, fruit juices, vegetable juices, soda, and sweets are also prohibited (other than those in the diet’s packaged options) while on the IPA diet.


So now you know how to start Ideal Protein Alternative Diet. The Ideal Protein Diet is a well-known, well-researched, and developed diet protocol. However, note that the cost of enrolling in the regimen is higher. Total costs cover the pre-packaged meals, health coach fees, and supplements. Despite all this, it is reliable and worth it when one wants to ensure long-term success. By selecting the IPA diet plan, which is less costly, this will be achieved.

For all those who doubt whether the Ideal Protein Alternative works for you, do not fret as it does. So long as you keep true to the protocols and do not cheat.

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